Geanna’s Sketchbook


I love to draw!!! Crayons and color pencils are my tools of the trade and for my entire life I’ve loved to sketch fantastical, colorful things. Throughout my author journey, I have also really enjoyed drawing scenes/moments from my books that pop into my head when I am in deep inspiration mode. Below you’ll find some samples of what can be found in my sketchbook. I’ll update this page periodically with my newest shares at the top. I hope you like them. I honestly have never been the type to share my artwork because it’s a personal passion, but as I delve deeper into my author journey, I’ve had fans reach out to me asking about my inspiration and process, so I thought maybe some of you out there would be interested 🙂

P.S. Thank you to those of you who have sent in fan art in the past. If you have fan art for The Crisanta Knight Series, or fan art for my work in the future, please feel free to send it in for consideration to be posted on the site.


***Last Updated June 2, 2022***