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My author brand is Story with a Soul.

There are plenty of popular franchises out there loaded with epic fantasy drama, hot guys who fight monsters, and dynamic magic. What our world doesn’t have enough of is genre-blending content that mixes elements consumers love like these with self-esteem boosting, life skills learning, goodness-driven stories and characters.

The kind of thing a ten year old, a twenty five year old, and a sixty two year old can all connect with and feel more alive from experiencing. The kind of thing adults and kids can bond over without worrying about crazy-inappropriate content. And the kind of thing that makes us feel genuinely good inside when we want a break from trashy reality TV, homicide-heavy hoopla, and post-apocalyptic war-torn wastelands.

That’s what I bring to the table. With my work you’ll always be in store for my classic magical mix of humor, heart, and adventure. There’ll be sassy characters, strong voice-driven narratives, honorable heroines and heroes, epic action, and that extra sparkle of fairy dust that makes readers stay up all night reading with a flashlight under the covers.

To learn more about my writing style and approach to content, check out my in-depth author interview with Athena C. of the fabulous OneReadingNurse blog, featured here.

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I love how Culbertson has managed to make it seem fresh and fun while still using all the old stories!


I must say, I am more in love with this author and these books than ever before…if that’s even possible.

Author Amy Lignor

Geanna Culbertson truly deserves one of my rare 5 star ratings. Her writing as well as character development is amazing.


I’ve re-read this series twice and I keep finding things I missed the first time. Geanna is a genius!


Culbertson’s writing is fresh and fun, and she has a way of adding enough sass to her girls without making them annoying, enough humor without it being silly, and enough description without it becoming a bore.


I love this series! The author page says that she is ‘passionate about writing books that will speak to young girls and their potential.’ I think she nails it with these books.


Geanna Culbertson does an amazing job at surrounding Crisanta with amazing supporting characters. Together they made the story fun and fresh!


Geanna Culbertson truly deserves one of my rare 5 star ratings. Her writing as well as character development is amazing.


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In April I released the first novel in my new delightful, action-packed, soulful fantasy series about Guardian Angels. This new series is packed with magical shenanigans, heroic main characters, epic world building, and goodhearted themes all the way. Order now!


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